Surface treatment of products

Hot-dip galvanisation and zinc plating

We provide this process of surface treatments in cooperation.

Wet paint booth - WET CLEAN OPEN 4080 2X

We use modern methods during wet paint surface treatments. We apply the colours to the products in a electrostatic fashion and opposite a water curtain. This process is ideal for more complex geometries.

We use the most frequent synthetic colours which are available for selection in numerous shades in the sample book.

We offer an individual approach to each customer, whether they have a prescribed type of surface treatment or not. By measuring the thickness of the paint, we can achieve the highest possible quality of the final painting process.

Our company, considering our previous experience, is capable of painting smaller and large-sized custom products as well as thousands of series production products. Ensuring the final product’s protection against damage and its transport to the agreed place is of course included.

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