3D laser cutting of profiles


Since 2017 our organisation has started to use the highly productive 3D laser cutting centre Adige LT712D in manufacturing.

The BLM Adige Tube Laser LT712D laser system is a multi-axis, fully automatic system which enables quick setting and high speed, accurate work with a wide spectrum of profile shapes and sizes.

It is part of the progressive treatment technology for closed profile materials with a square or rectangular profile and pipes with high repeated accuracy.

The laser cutting system consolidates several manufacturing stages into one operation. Therefore, we have reduced operations such as cutting, punching, drilling, milling, machining and removal of work piece etc. This saves machinery and handling time as well the time required for the fastening and unfastening of a part.

Dimensional options of the input material:

Pipes diameter from 12 mm to 140 mm
Closed square profiles profile side from 15 to 90 mm
Closed rectangular profiles maximum size of the circumscribed circle 140 mm
Length of the input material min. 3200 mm, max. 6200 mm
The maximum machinable length 3500 mm (work piece max. 25 kg/1 m)
Maximum thickness of burning Structural steel S235 – max.8 mm
Stainless steel AISI304 – max.4 mm


Preparation and execution of bending

Preparation and execution of bending

Parts made by the machine

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